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Wake Forest University Charlotte North Carolina Certificate Programs: Certifications for working professionals in Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Greenville South Carolina, and the Charlotte NC region. Certificate programs offered in Cybersecurity, Project Management, Financial Management, Business Communication, Strategic Analysis, Diversity, Business Analytics, Design Thinking

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The Wake Forest University Certificate Program was specifically designed to fuel the goals and ambitions of students, working professionals and businesses in their shared pursuit of knowledge and proficiency. Here, world-class faculty mix theory, technical skill and practical application to build relevance and capability within a wide variety of professional fields and academic subjects. For those who seek challenge and collaboration as part of their journey forward, our certificate programs are an opportunity for individuals and professional organizations alike to grow

2016-2017 Certificate Courses

2016-2017 Certificate Courses

Business Essentials for Nonprofit Organizations
(Fall 2017, in-class course)

Business Essentials for NonprofitThe Business Essentials for Nonprofit Organizations is a series of nine skill-building courses designed to strengthen the capacity of students and professionals pursuing careers in the nonprofit sector or those interested in updating their knowledge and skills. Classes are open to the community. Nonprofit board members, staff and volunteers are encouraged to attend. Classes cover a range of topics essential to the governance and management of nonprofits.

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Communication for Business Professionals
(Summer 2017, in-class course)

Wake Forest University Charlotte Center certificate in communication for business professionals.Effective communication is a cornerstone to a successful professional career. In addition to the traditional in-person meeting, today’s professionals are maneuvering through virtual meetings, going through complicated proposals via web conferencing and trying to improve their communications with their remote teams. To be successful, they must articulate their messages and connect with people, no matter the modality of the communication. This course provides students with a solid understanding of how communication theory can be leveraged to drive organizational results. The class will be grounded in theory but will provide the pivotal translation that allows professionals to use the concepts in their chosen fields.

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Cybersecurity: Strategy and Implementation
(Fall 2016, in-class course)

Wake Forest University Charlotte Center certificate in cybersecurity. Get your certification in cybersecurityOne of the largest and most dynamic pieces of Enterprise Risk Management today is the emerging field that involves protecting organizations from threats as varied as nation-states, cyber criminals, national and international business competitors and hacktivists. Data breaches and even physical damage from cyber activity are daily headlines in the news. Through a four evening course taught by experienced practitioners and focused on case studies, lecture, technical workshops and simulations, attendees will receive foundational knowledge in security models, risk assessment and response, secure systems development, crisis management and legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

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Design Thinking for Innovative Problem Solving
(Winter 2017, in-class course)

Wake Forest University certificate program in design thinkingSolve complex business challenges and promote industry leadership with a systematic approach to creativity. In Design Thinking for Innovative Business Problem Solving, you’ll bypass artistic abstraction and use design as a practical, everyday process to spur innovation, organic organizational growth, and effective strategy implementation. Bridge the gap between blue-sky brainstorming and specific, executable solutions to business problems and growth. In this certificate program, you’ll learn the best procedure for generating and testing concepts-one that combines brainstorming, visualization, and other right-brained thinking with traditional left-brained analysis.

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Diversity and Intercultural Competence
(Winter 2017, in-class course)

Wake Forest University Charlotte Center program in Diversity and Intercultural CompetenceThe ability to leverage diversity is a critical leadership skill that impacts managers’ potential to achieve business results in a diverse and global marketplace. Organizations need employees at all levels to cultivate inclusive work environments, value diversity, and leverage the unique talents and contributions of every team member. This program provides participants with opportunities to gain conceptual knowledge and practical skill development to be effective problem solvers and decision makers in diverse teams and multicultural contexts. Doing so requires a deep understanding of the combined impact that identity, culture, values, attitudes, and behaviors have on individuals who come together in the workplace.

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Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers
(Winter 2017, in-class course)

Wake Forest University Charlotte Center offers professional development and certification programs for working professionals in Charlotte NC

In modern business – whatever the business – a manager without basic financial knowledge is like a diplomat without a passport. In the coming years, financial-management skills will be in even greater demand than they are today, and the jobs they bring figure to be fulfilling in every sense of the word. Wake Forest University offers an innovative certificate program in Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers that will give students immediate knowledge for their current jobs and a base for future personal growth. The 6 sessions, held weekly from Jan. 17 – Feb. 21, 2017, will address accounting, cost analysis financial statement analysis, value creation, reporting and other vital skills for the benefit of students without prior business expertise.

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Project Management
(Fall 2016, in-class course)

Wake Forest University Charlotte Center offers programs and certificates for working professionals: certification in PMP, project managementProfessionals with expertise in project management are highly sought after as project-based work continues to proliferate both in scale and complexity, with organizations and clients demanding greater efficiency, outcomes, and proficiency. Wake Forest University offers a distinctive project management program that helps professionals become more accomplished, qualified, and effective managers in their fields. This is a 15–week curricula specifically designed to take students through the entire lifecycle of a project. The course will end with a capstone project aligned with the student’s chosen area of interest – with a sponsor from that industry – that will cover all aspects of what they’ve learned during the program.

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Strategic Analysis and Decision-Making
(Summer 2017, online course)

Wake Forest University Charlotte Center certificate program in strategic analysisEvery leader must make complex decisions, analyze risk and map out clear plans of action. In Strategic Analysis and Decision-Making, you’ll learn methods to map out risks, rewards and varying outcomes so you can logically assess the consequences of your choices and make more confident, profitable decisions. Make wiser and more valuable decisions in every circumstance and as related to the direction of your organization. In this program, you’ll break down the elements of decision-making and use predictive models and forecasting tools to reduce uncertainty from high-stakes situations. A team of experts in quantitative analysis, data optimization, consumption preferences, strategic choices, and bargaining and negotiation will lay out the method by which you can frame nearly every major decision you’ll face in your executive career.

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