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Solve complex business challenges and promote industry leadership with a systematic approach to creativity and innovation.

In Design Thinkingyou will bypass abstraction and use design as a practical, everyday process to spur innovation, organic organizational growth, and effective strategy implementation.

Bridge the gap between brainstorming and executable solutions to business problems and growth. In this certificate program, you will learn the best procedure for generating and testing concepts – one that combines brainstorming and visualization with traditional business analysis. You will study cases of design thinking in action, working with peers and award-winning faculty to build a systematic solution for one of your current business issues. Participants will learn optimum pathways to engage customer feedback and solicit new ideas. You will prototype concepts and test your assumptions.  In the process, you will discover which problems and which solutions actually matter the most to your customers.  Bring a project with you and let’s get to work!

Course Logistics

  • Location: online 
  • Duration: April – May 2021
    8 virtual sessions
  • Cost: $3600
  • Next start date: April 6, 2021

Partnership discounts available
3-6 persons per organization, per course, 15%

Bundling Discounts available
Register for more than one course in the 2020-2021 academic year, 5%

The Wake Forest University Certificates Program is an open-enrollment, non-credit bearing program.

 online  in person

Take-Aways & Learning Outcomes

  • Discover why traditional critical reasoning can actually increase the innovation risks and costs of problem solving
  • Learn how designers and artists use big-idea thinking to make faster and smarter progress toward their goals-and how you can do it
  • Practice learning launches to make quick, meaningful decisions about moving new concepts forward
  • Reduce the new launch unknowns to a concrete list of challenges you can solve with existing resources
  • Generate new business offerings based on the needs and suggestions of your customers
  • Identify the sweet spot of innovation-exactly when to launch new product or service ideas and outpace your competition

Course Designed For

This program is designed for managers and executives who want to bring their businesses to the forefront of innovation. It’s especially helpful for those who need to lead teams and cross-functional units in problem-solving initiatives and next-level growth ideation. Also managers responsible for implementing strategy will get many skills from these sessions. Former participants have recently used this material and the multi-step method to redesign internal processes to develop a new service based on user feedback, a new employee evaluation system, streamline a customer call center system, create a more effective sales tool kit, improve meal delivery to the elderly, revitalize urban spaces, create new social networking models, and improve education and leadership development within their organizations. Some participants see this course as offering improved skills over traditional market research approaches and techniques.

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