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  • Business Transformation requires Human Capital Transformations
  • COVID 19 & Cybersecurity: Navigating the Double Threat
  • Workplace Relevance

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Can Corporate Learning Be a Strategic Enabler for Success Post Covid?

Dr. Ian Stewart, Andrea Zimmerman, Michael Lamb
December 15, 2020 @ 2PM EST

A deeper look at well-designed and deployed corporate learning. Learning is used by many successful organizations for more than the important and conventional outcome of career enhancing designations, such as a(n):

  • vehicle to bring about cultural assimilation.
  • channel to communicate the organization’s priorities and ethos.
  • employee brand experience, created by a company to influence an employee’s feelings about the organization.  
  • tool to encourage higher self-esteem, recognition and value, staff engagement, and retention.  
  • alignment behind a common goal – in cases of crisis or setback, to realign and re-ignite the business.

Join our highly expert speakers as they present and debate the true future value of well-designed and well-deployed corporate learning. 

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Addressing Organizational and Employee Confidence Post COVID

Andy Perkins, Dr. Ian Stewart, and Special Guest
February 16, 2021 @ 2PM EST

As we reopen our businesses, there is one thing people will remember about the last few months: how we were treated. Was pay cut? Were we forced to work remotely? Did we experience furloughs or were there employment exits?

Chris Agyris coined the term “the psychological contract” to describe the relationship between employee and organization. HR professionals have pointed to its importance in terms of employee engagement, retention, and performance.

Our speakers are deeply involved in restoring trust and confidence between the employee and the employer. This discussion will cover:

  • The psychological contract – what it really is;
  • Commercial implications for business when interrupted, damaged, or broken; and
  • Practical steps to repair and move forward.

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